My first AS Media blog

Hi its Lewis. I am writing my first blog post about my AS Media course so far. So far I have learnt about genres of films, shots and camera angles in films and also more in depth ideas of how the media portray things to us through components such as semiotics and binary opposition. The director of Mission Impossible, John Woo, is a very good director. We watched a five minute clip of the opening scene of mission impossible 2 in class. We observed how he used all the shot types and camera angles we had discussed and how he made the viewer aware of the genre they are witnessing.

Here is what my AS Media course entails:

The course is split into two units and both worth 50% of the final grade. The first unit is a course work unit in which we shall be split into groups and have to create a 2 minute title sequence. The second is an exam based unit also worth 50%. In this we will watch a clip about 4 times and have to write and discuss what we have seen. I will also evidence all of my coursework through this blog.

For the coursework it is split into two sections. The first is a Preliminary Exercise, this is basically a practise run. In this we have to film and edit in our groups a scene of a character walking through a door, sitting down and having a short dialogue with another character. This is to demonstrate the qualities that will needed to be used and improved for our main task. Some of these qualities are:

 Match on action

 Shot/reverse shot

 Camera angles

 Shot types

 Mise en scene

 180-degree rule

 Rule of thirds

And then there is the exam. This is split into two sections A and B. In section A you have to answer one question  based on an unseen moving image and in section B you have to answer one question based on institutions and audiences.


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