Main Task 1: A Little Update

For the main task, my team have decided that the sub genre we will do of thriller will be a crime-thriller. My role in the main task is the same as it was in the preliminary task, the editor. Over the Christmas break I will try to enhance my editing skills by watching tutorials on of editing on Photoshop on YouTube.

Currently the story is about a serial killer, who has a type! The idea is that this killer is going around and killing teenage girls, and leaving some sort of mark on them.

If you have read my first ever blog you will know what the main task is and what it consists of, however if you have not, no worries, I will go over it know. The main task is worth 50% of the final grade for AS Media. And what we have to do is produce a 2 minute opening title sequence of a potential thriller film that we have made. But just to clarify, we only actually produce and film the 2 minute opening title sequence.

To make our trailer as best as possible, the group and I have decided to focus on crime-thrillers for both the textual analysis’s and film reviews we have to do. Doing this we will widen our understanding¬†of the crime-thriller genre and its conventions, and it will hopefully provide us with enough knowledge to make a good opening title sequence that is representative of the sub genre.


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