Preliminary Exercise… It’s Up!

Hopefully you’ve seen on the homepage of my blog that my teams preliminary exercise task is uploaded!

If you missed it, no need to worries, here it is below…

Now, this was only the first edit, and as I’m sure you can see there are somethings that need improving.

  1. Match on action at the start with the door– At the start the viewer sees the detective (Erin Horsefield) open the door, and then cut to another shot of her opening it again. This is easily solved just by cutting a couple of clips.
  2. 180 degree rule- At about 34 seconds in, the camera is too the right of the detective, when the rest of the conversation is taking place left. This can too simply be changed with a bit of cutting and replacing of clips.
  3. lighting and audio– Unfortunately, the lighting and dialogue wasn’t great or really considered about that much when filming, which left a byproduct that was quite grainy. This is not something that we will really be able to improve in the preliminary task, but it is something we have learnt from and will defiantly take into account when it comes to the main task.

It was very useful to do this preliminary task, as it allows us to make mistakes and learn from them, so we don’t make them in the main task.

And as I say, this was only the first edit, so stay tuned as you can expect the second edit finished when I am back at school which is then end of this week.


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