Film Review 5: The Woman In Black 


The film ‘The Woman in Black’ is a 2012 thriller drama film directed by James Watkins. This film is the second adaptation of Susan Hills 1983 novel ‘The Woman in Black’, which was first filmed in 1989.

The Trailer

Below is the trailer for the film


A young solicitor travels to a remote village where he discovers the vengeful ghost of a scorned woman is terrorizing the locals.


An unexpected encounter?

As I began to research do research on this film in preparation for this blog, one of the first things that I noticed was that this film did not have exceptional reviews, in fact the views were pretty average and if anything, poor!

The film got…

  • 6.4/10 from IMDb
  • 66% from Rotten Tamatoes
  • 62% from Metacritic

So the reviews aren’t quite as bad as a film such as ‘Suicide Squad’, (but that’s for another blog) but they still just aren’t very good. In this blog I’m going to discover why this is and come to my own judgement on whether I agree with these reviews or not.


To find out why the reviews weren’t great, I started by reading the reviews. And honestly, I was expecting to find a lot of average and bad reviews due to the overall ratings, however there were a lot more good reviews than I had anticipated. In fact, the bad reviews were actually quite hard to find as the good reviews were always on display. However with a bit of digging on IMDb I found a great list of reviews.

As you can see, there is a big vary in the reviews. The majority of the reviews were very impressed by the period atmosphere of the film, but that seemed to be the only factor that was outstanding, well that and the mise-en-scene. According to ‘Slant Magazine’, it required a “script doctor”. Also, its reported on several occasions that it was quite a generic thriller/horror film, and there was nothing that made it stand out from other horror films.

Daniel Radcliffe however was exceptional. He iconography is what pulled this film away from being another generic thriller film. Criticism was thrown at Radcliffe however as they believe the only emotion he portrayed was fear, and some psychological aspects of the characters was missing.

I however disagree with this as Radcliffe showed love for his wife and children, and in the other characters, although fear is the dominant emotion shown, hate is also shown towards the ‘Woman in Black’.
Would I Rate It?

I personally would rate this 8/10. This is because I thought the atmosphere was terrific, and so was the mise-en-scene. I personally thought the storyline was quite good as it was a good traditional English ‘folk-tale-horror-story’. And as for Daniel Radcliffe, I do believe that he carried the film, as without him the film would have not had a lot of press.


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