Independent Post: Star Wars Rouge One

A couple of weeks ago, I went to see the latest Star Wars film. I went to see it on the 16th of December, however I’ve been so busy with the film reviews and the textual analysis’s, I just haven’t got round to doing a blog about it.

Now that’s out the way, to the film. This is the eighth Star Wars film that has been made. However, Rouge One is not actually part of the original story, it is more of a ‘spin-off’, the story line of the film still happened in the story and universe of Star Wars, however it does not follow the story of the Skywalkers, so it is separate from all the other films that has been made.

And I loved it. When it comes to Star Wars, I am easy to please, but I am confident in saying that even the biggest Star Wars fanatics were proud of this “Spin-off”. It was atmospheric and it included the return of some old faces including a GCI of a young Princess Leia (whom the actor Carrie Fisher sadly passed away just a few weeks after release, on the 27th Decemeber 2016). And the CGI was brilliant. This was done to the character of Tarkin as well, as he was a pivotal character in the time period Star Wars decided to revisit for Rouge One. As I said, the GCI was fantastic, even though you could see a difference between real humans and Tarkin, but this was to be expected because I cannot think of a movie in which CGI humans are unnoticeably different to real humans. This clip below explains how the CGI was done in the film.

The only criticism I would have for the film was that Darth Vader was not in it enough! No but seriously I felt that it lost an aspect of Star Wars due to the fact there was no lightsaber duel between the jedi and sith or between good and evil as there is in every other film.

Other than that, everything was fantastic and I would give this a strong 7.4/10.


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