Film Review 6: Taken


The film ‘Taken’ is a 2008 English Language French action thriller film directed by Pierre Morel, and stars some iconic actors such as Liam Neeson.


The Trailer 



The plot of ‘Taken’ is about how the daughter of former CIA agent Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) is kidnapped when on holiday with her friend. Bryan goes on a treacherous chase to find his daughter and save her from a life in prostitution. The audience sees Neeson in a fantastically scary action packed film showing the limits people will go to to save their children.


Narrative Structure 

The narrative structure of this film is a linear structure. It also is a good example of a film that follows Tzvetan Todorov theory of the five stages of a generic film structure.

  1. a state of equilibrium at the outset- Everything seems to be going ok, Kim is going on holiday with her friend.
  2. a disruption of the equilibrium by some action- Kim and her friend are taken.
  3. a recognition that there has been a disruption- Bryan knows that they have been taken.
  4. an attempt to repair the disruption- Bryan goes after the kidnappers to save his daughter.
  5. a new found equilibrium- He saves Kim, however the same equilibrium isn’t restored as it is not the same as before, so as a generic structure does, a new equilibrium is found.


My Opinion

I think this film is brilliant. This is due to how well it achieves its goal as an action-thriller genre. The lighting is low key, providing an eerie atmosphere. Also, the fast paced editing provides speed to the action scenes which makes for a excellent action scene. The mise-en-scene is also fantastic. Especially the location. Also vital parts of the film is set in Paris, ‘the city of love’, which has dark connotations with what Kim is being made to do.

My only criticism would be that at some points it is ridiculously unrealistic for a film that has a goal to scare viewers due to it being a parents worst nightmare and its realism.

I would rate this film 8.4/10.




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