Preliminary Exercise… We’re done!

If you have visited the homepage of my website these last couple days, I’m sure you have noticed that my groups preliminary exercise is up.

Here is the video below and a link to my YouTube channel to stay up-to-date with my latest AS Media videos.

As you can see, I fixed the match on action at the start with the door so it it is more chronological and makes sense. I also had to edit the shots at the start of the dialogue as it broke the 180 degree rule.

As you can see, the first shot of dialogue is on the right side of Erin, and the rest of it continues on the left.

To fix this, I separated the first line of dialogue with the rest by making it fade to black which provided a little seperation between the break of the 180 degree rule (whilst adding to suspense as well) which was enough to make it look like this was purposeful.




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