Main Task 2: Planning Documents

So last week me and my group had another meeting regarding the main task. This meeting was productive as we produced a rough storyboard and a mind map concerning the main idea for the title sequence.




Here is the storyboard. As you can tell it is quite basic but it is a good guideline for us as it contains certain shots we want to includestoryboard and the order we wish to have them in. This will be the material that we work from when creating the script and an improved storyboard.




Secondly, the mind map. This has all our initial ideas on it, and then branches out onto how we will achieve these ideas. We will to use this as a sort of ‘checklist’ to ensure all aspects are taken care of and completed.  img_0106

In the meeting we also discussed individual tasks we can each do to split up the work load of gathering planning documents and data needed before it comes to filming.

My Task 

What I had to do before filming was:

  • Research editing techniques
  • Collect some royalty free sounds of birds chirping, police sirens, and eerie background music

Below are the sounds I have sourced. As you can see I found a royalty free website which allows you to download sound for free by just simply making an account.


The documents and research I was tasked with was very beneficial as I am the editor, and these areas will be very important when it comes to editing.

Gabbys’ Task

The planning documents that gabby had to take care of were:

  • The script

This role should obviously go to Gabby as she is the director, meaning she is in charge of the production.

Simrans’ Task 

  • Location
  • Date/Time

As the producer, Simran was responsible for scheduling when and where we will be filming. There are several locations we have decided to film at, and that dates are set for each session.

For the main part of the sequence we are filming in Black Park, Slough, which will be know as ‘Pemphix woods’ in the story of our film. We will meet here on Sunday 29th January at 11:00AM and film throughout the day. We chose this location as it is the sort of place we want the murders to happen and it is easily accessible for all of us.

As the sequence will contain a voice over, we have decided to use the recording equipment at school, as we believe this will provide the best quality audio for our sequence (which was a problem last time). This will take place during our free periods.

The last location of filming will be Erin’s shed. This will be used for the pans of the Polaroid pictures. We chose this location as it is a location that connotes the dirty, dark and private environment a serial killer exists in. We are planning to do this after school on Monday 23rd January or Wednesday 25th January.

Erins’ Task

  • Storyboard

We will follow this when filming as it is a very clear representation of our idea for the sequence.



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