Target Audience Analysis

Before it comes to filming the opening title sequence for our thriller film, my team decided to make a survey to find out what our audience look for in a thriller film. So we created one on SurveyMonkey and had a target for 100 responses. We succeed this with 115 responses.


Here is the first question on the survey


As you can see, most of the responses aren’t in favour of a film with a circular narrative, (a film where the end of the plot is shown at the start of the film, and then the viewer is taken through the narrative until it again reaches the end). So that has lead us to a decision to not chose a circular narrative.

Here is the second question


The age of our audience is obviously a very important question as it will determine the context of out film. As you can see, 98.2% of our audience are over the age of 16, which means that we can make this film with more scares and explicit content. If were to put an age rating on this film, we would probably make it a 15. this is because a large proportion of our target audience at 33% are 16-18. We do not know how many of these are 18, so if we make this and 18 we are effectively dismissing 33% of our target audience as they would be too young to watch it.

Here is the third question


As you can see, the film ‘Se7en’ was the most popular among the responses from our audience. This is good news to us as the director of the film (David Fincher) is one of the directors that has inspired us when it comes to our opening sequence.

Here are the final two questions


The fourth question “would you prefer a male or female villain?” was overall not a concern to our audience so we feel we are free to chose whatever gender for the villain. However the percentage for a male villain is slightly higher as opposed to the female villain, which may saw our decision a little.

The final question “what is your favourite thriller sub-genre?” was answered with psychological thriller as the most popular with 28.8%, closely followed by crime thriller with 26.1%. This is good news to us, as our film is a mixture of a crime/psychological thriller, meaning that this is the majority of our audiences favourite genre.


Was it any help?

Prior to making this survey, we already had the idea and planning documents made for our title sequence, so the survey wasn’t really any help in terms of ideas for the narrative of our film, however it did reinforce that it is a film that our audience are interested in, and it allowed us to identify the age group to target the film at.



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