Film Reviews Summary

After watching 10 thriller films as part of my research into the thriller genre, I feel that I understand better the conventions of the genre. I did already have an understanding of this as I looked into it in my thriller genre research post, however seeing them in action and repeated through the different films made me realise what makes a thriller genre, and how having different sub genres slightly alters the conventions. 

For example, the film ‘Scarface’ is a crime thriller, which meant that violence was one of the conventions and a lot of it was present in the film, however the film ‘The Woman in Black’ is a psychological thriller, and whilst death was present, mass violence was not a key theme, showing how a different sub genre can change the conventions of films with the same main genre.

Choosing the right sub genre is important as certain conventions may impair you from getting a point across to the audience. Our sequence will include young girls being groomed and killed. This means that we will make our sequence have a sub genre of crime as both these acts are conventions of crime, and if we did not include the criminal aspect in our film then we would not be able to get our point across of the dangers of being too open with social media.

We also like the convention of mystery displayed in psychological thrillers, so out film shall be a psychological crime thriller. 

After watching all ten thriller films, my team and I discussed some directors we were impressed by from the films different thriller films that we individually watched. One that really stood out to me was Brian Helgeland- the director of ‘Legend’. This was due to the amazing mise-en-scene of the film, how the atmosphere of 1960’s London was so very well portrayed, especially for a person who is from a completely different enviroment. This amazing mise-en-scene work is something that I hope our team can be inspired from as it makes the atmosphere of a film so much more realistic making the film more believable and enjoyable.

I would say that watching and reviewing ten thriller films was beneficial as I know understand the conventions of thriller films and also know what sub genre will best fit our film.


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