Textual Analysis’ Summary

As well as doing ten thriller film reviews, I also did ten textual analysis’ on opening title sequences to thriller films as apart of my research for the production of our thriller title sequence. 

This was too a very beneficial exercise to do as it allowed me to analyse the sort of style thriller films have regarding their title sequence. The main thing I noticed was that it’s very secretive, the antagonist is usually get a secrect (which tends to be the trend right to the end of the film) and also the sequences are very enigmatic as the audience don’t quite know what is happening. 

One sequence that really stuck out to my team and I was the title sequence of the film ‘Se7en’. We really liked the fast cuts and the imperfections of the sequence, such as the scratches and the grainy-ness. My team have agreed that this title sequence is the main inspiration behind ours.


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