Main Task Draft 1 and Feedback

So, we had to prepare our first draft of the main task for last Friday as were going to have a screening in class. My group and I filmed on the Sunday before, and got all of our shots from Pemphix Woods (Black Park).

However, I’d be lying if I said it was all smooth sailing. We planned to record the voice over for the news report that week in school, however the actor voicing the news report was ill all week, meaning we were not able to record the voice over so we could not have the news report in this draft.

Also, weren’t able to get the images of the girls taken in the killers house, so they to do not feature in the draft.

Plus the sequence has a massive gap in it, as I have not yet but everything together, so there is the first couple shots and then at the end we have one of the final shots.

This being said, it is only the first draft and one was required for the screening on Friday.

So, here it is.



After we had a screening in class of our first draft, we decided it would be beneficial to get some feedback. So we used google classroom for our classmates to leave feedback regarding their general thoughts of our title sequence.

Overall the comments were positive, the only criticism we received was regarding the titles and the long stretch of nothing between the start of the sequence and the end. This was a little bit frustrating as obviously my group and I had planned to have the titles and have all the footage in place, however we just did not have the time to get all the shots and complete the edit in time for the first screening. However that being said, we plan to have the whole sequence in place for the second draft, including the titles, meaning the feedback we were given will be meet and accomplished.



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