Main Task Draft 3 and Feedback

We quickly got up a 3rd draft to tidy up what was the 2nd draft.


The improvements in this draft was that we made the newspaper cut outs into a chronological order. This was because in the previous edit all the newspaper shots were at random. This was partly my fault as I did not realise that when Gabby was filming these shots, she had made separate piles of newspaper stories and the shots from the same pile had to go one after the other in the sequence. This was easily fixed though just by moving the clips around.

we also changed the font of the titles to the font we had originally chosen. We also faded out the non-diegtic score and then inserted the sound of birds chirping in the final scene. This gives and eerie feel to the sequence as birds chirping denote peacefulness, yet this is a stark contradiction to the continuity of the sequence, creating enigma in the audience- a common convention of thriller films.


However, this draft did not go with out any further improvements, the voice over is still to be done (we are having some technical difficulties) along with a few extra clips of the reporter speaking, this will allow us to portray a slightly wider range of camera skills that are currently on display. Also, we received feedback that the titles of the cast are in a font that does not really suit our genre of a crime/psychological thriller. Instead they said it resembled more of a fantasy film. This is not the first time we have had feedback comparing our sequence to a fantasy film, as we were told the title ‘The Secret of Pemphix Woods’ was also fantasy genre sounding. We have now changed the title to just ‘Pemphix Woods’.


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