The Voice Over…

Finally, the long awaited voice over has finally been completed. However, we have changed it slightly as we did not use the original voice over actress- Rebecca Bates. This was due to the fact wer were having trouble finding a time to record that worked for her and the group.




So we had to find a replacement for the voice over. I got a hold of two boys from our year group at school (Adam Day-left, Aasif Davidson- right) and they said they were happy to act in our title sequence.

Now, obviously, we have slight drifted from our initial idea of the voice over, as 1. it was originally going to be a girl, 2. there was only supposed to be one actor and 3. it was only going to be a recording.

However, our new idea is to have visuals to the recording, so that we can show a little more variety in the shot types. And also, in having two reporters it shows that these murders taking place are serious, as multiple media institutes are reporting on it. Adam is also from originally from the North East of England, so him reading the report with his accent and then Aasif reading the report with his London accent denotes that this event is being reported on in different regions of the country.

So with the voice over complete, the final draft of the opening title sequence for ‘Pemphix Woods’ should be complete by next week!!


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