Order of Titles

In the last couple of drafts of our main task, the order of the titles has just been random, and there is actually no reason as to why they are in the order that they are in, so we decided to do a bit of research into what the order of these titles should be.

As an independent, non-union movies we are not bound by any sort of union rules for opening credits, so really the order of our titles do not matter at all. However, over the past two decades an order of listing cast and crew has become widely accepted by Hollywood studio and independent productions, so with this being said, we will follow this order.

  1. The first title is usually the Studio or Distribution Company. As a small, independent group making a title sequence, we do not have either of these so we will not include this title in our sequence.
  2. The Production Company is traditional second, but for the same reason above we do not have a production company so again we will not include this title.
  3. In Association With… Production Company obviously again this is a title that we will not include as we do not even have our own production company, let alone being in association with another production company.
  4. The Directors Name is what follows the companies involved, however this is only if they are an established or well known director who is famous for his/her unique style of films. As we are just amateurs we will not use this title, but instead just use the Directed By title at the end the evidence our director.
  5. Following the Directors name is the Movie Stars Name. Now we do not really have ‘movie stars’ per say as they are just amateur actors, however the following titles are The Top Cast and The Supporting Cast so we will have our actors in this order anyway.
  6. The next title is the Name Of The Film.
  7. The With Actor and the And Actor then follow. The With Actor is usually a small part in the film but is an actor with a recognisable name, whereas the And Actor is a slight step up, as they are a bigger role (but not a star) and are a very popular and current actor, whereas the With Actor is usually a bit more of a ‘has-been’.
  8. Casting Director follows, which we will not include as we did not have one.
  9. Music Composer – also we do not have
  10. Art Director – Don’t have
  11. Set Design – Don’t have
  12. Costume Designer – Don’t have
  13. Hair/Make-up Artist will be included in our sequence, as we has the help from a Kate Ilsley, a classmate who is interested in a career in make-up
  14. Sound Recording– Don’t have
  15. Visual Effects Supervisor– Don’t have
  16. We will obviously include the Editor title as this was my role in the production of our product
  17. The Director of Photography title will also be included in my sequence as Erin Horsfield was this
  18. Executive Producer and Producer follows, yet we will only include producer as we only had one, Simran Purewall
  19. Based on The Book- Don’t have
  20. Story By and Written By was primarly done by our director, Gabby Jones, however this was not her job title so we will probably not include these titles.
  21. And Directed By is traditionally the last title.

Credit to http://newenglandfilm.com/magazine/2012/08/credits for the order of the titles.

Now having gone over all the titles, here is what the order of the titles should look like in our title sequence if we are to follow the listing above.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

However, like what we have done in our drafts, I believe it is more effective to have the title at the end of the sequence as opposed to the start, as the audience does not know until the end of the sequence where all of the murders are taking place, creating an enigma in the audience. I will bring this point up with my group that we may have to break conventions a little in terms of the listing of titles to make our sequence that bit more dramatic.


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