Main Task Final Draft

Our final draft is done!!! With out further ado here it is…

And our main task is done! I am very pleased with our final edit and believe that the voice over was a very good addition to the sequence as it allowed for a wider variation of shots in our sequence, and it also allowed for dialogue, enough so the audience can grasp what the film is about, but not enough that it loses and enigma or suspense that the audience are feeling.

when it came to exporting this final edit, I exported it differently. This was because in all our previous drafts, once I had exported it the quality of the footage was a lot more grainy than it was when I was editing, making it look unprofessional. So I changed the type to export it as, and the sequence is now in 720p quality.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 12.39.59



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