Main Task Draft 5

We have the voice over! Our sequence is now very near complete and will have our final draft complete very shortly.

Now we had the voice over I had to figure out how I was going to edit it in. I thought it would look best if we super imposed it, and this way i would not have to move around all of the other clips to fit the voice over in. This turned out to be a very quick and efficient way of incorporating the voice over, it also looks very professional.

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 15.39.37

This was in fact supposed to be the final draft, however after I uploaded it to YouTube our directed Gabby Jones noticed a couple of issues with the sequence. One being that at certain points in the voice over, Adam had slightly messed up his words, which did not look very professional so we went back and changed this for the final draft by editing out where he had messed up.

We also decided it would be best to use only one of the voice over actors, as having two was a little confusing, especially since they had the same back drop behind them. So we decided to just use the voice over footage we got from Adam Day.




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